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Polini THOR 260 36HP

Polini THOR 260 36HP

SKU: 364115376135191

The Polini Thor 260 engine is a renowned powerhouse in the world of paramotoring and light aviation. With its impressive 25.5 horsepower output, this two-stroke engine offers pilots a perfect balance of performance and efficiency. Known for its reliability and ease of use, the Thor 260 provides a thrilling flight experience, making it a top choice for both experienced aviators and newcomers to the sport. Whether you're soaring through the skies or enjoying low-level explorations, the Polini Thor 260 delivers the power and dependability you need to make your aviation dreams take flight.


    The Polini Thor 260 is born from the wish to manufacture a balanced “cruise” engine for a market demand of more reliability and low consumption. With its 21kg (radiator included), the new Polini Thor 260 engine grants a perfect compromise between stability and power. With its 36hp at 8000rpm Polini Thor 260 engine can offer 105kg of thrust with a 160cm propeller.
    The consumption is of only 3,5 liters/h at 4500 rpm.  which corresponds to about 30kg of static thrust, medium value for level flight.

    Polini Engine 2 stroke monocylinder
    Cooling Liquid cooled
    Bore for stroke 76 x 62
    Displacement 281 cm3
    Power 36 HP
    *Max thrust 105 Kg with Ø 150 cm propeller
    R.P.M. max 8.500
    Cylinder Aluminum with Gilnisil coating
    Compression ratio 10:1
    Piston Two chromium plated rings mm 1
    Intake Reed valve in the crankcase
    Carburetor 28mm VHST Dell’Orto
    Air filter Air box
    Ignition Electronic with battery charger
    Battery charger prearrangement Output power 40 W at 5500 RPM
    Spark plug hood 5k Ω resistance
    **Fuel type E5 petrol or LL AV GAS-al with 2,5% synthetic oil 100%
    *Consumption 3,5 Lh 30 Kg of static thrust
    Gear reduction unit Helical teeth in oil bath with 2,8 or 3,2 reduction ratio
    Starter Electric + Flash Starter
    Clutch Centrifugal in oil bath
    Muffler Expansion with oval silencer
    Engine weight 21 kg with radiator
    Propeller rotation Clockwise

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